[Album] Various Artists – SUPER EUROBEAT presents Every Little Thing, Dream & m.o.v.e [FLAC & MP3]

Various Artists – Super Eurobeat presents Every Little Thing, Dream & m.o.v.e
Released: 2001, 2000, 2000
Genre: Eurobeat
Bitrate: FLAC & MP3 320 KBPS


SUPER EUROBEAT presents Euro Every Little Thing

1 For The Moment (Euroverdrive mix)
2 Face The Change (Melodic Remix)
3 Deatta Koro No You Ni (Pop Remix)
4 Forever Yours (Euro Pop Mix)
5 Rescue Me (Melancholy Mix)
6 Necessary (Power Mix)
7 Future World (Euro Power Mix)
8 Time Goes By (Eurosenti Mix)
9 Pray (Delta Pop Mix)
10 Someday, Someplace (Europop Mix)
11 Shapes Of Love (Plug And Play Mix)
12 Over And Over (Traditional Mix)
13 Feel My Heart (Eurobeat Mix)
14 Sure (Eurolovers Remix)
15 Fragile (White Roses Remix)

SUPER EUROBEAT presents EURO “dream” land

1 Reality (Euro-dream Mix)
2 Send A Little Love (Eurobeat Mix)
3 Private Wars (Dream Land Mix)
4 Start Me Up (Sweet Dream Mix)
5 Heart On Wave (Eurobeat Mix)
6 Breakin’ Out (Euro-Power Mix)
7 Movin’ On (Eurobeat Mix)
8 Jealousy
9 Hello Goodbye
10 Do You Wanna Dance
11 Night of Fire
12 Euro Dream Land Hyper Non-Stop Megamix

SUPER EUROBEAT presents EURO movement

1 Blazin’Beat (Rockin’ & blazin’ euromix)
2 words of the mind ~brandnew journey~ (Euro-Sentimental Mix)
3 Bust the Future Wall (Euroshock mix)
4 around the world (Euroheadshaker special mix)
5 Rage your dream (Europop Mix)
6 Wanna fly to be wild (Aggressive Mix)
7 ROCK IT DOWN (Pop Aggressive Remix)
8 BLOWIN’ WIND (Euro Wind Remix)
9 over drive (High Power Remix)
10 BREAK IN2 THE NITE (Eurospace special mix)
11 knock’em out (Heartbreaker Remix)
12 sweet vibration (Vibe Remix)
13 euro movement (HYPER NON STOP MIX)

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